This Book Will Show You How To:
  • ​Use human behaviour to FUNDAMENTALLY change your results. 
  • ​Structure your selling approach so that it's more confident AND comfortable (NO more nerves)
  • Know how to focus on pursuing actual, interested buyers rather than tyre kickers and time wasters.
  • Understand why the RHS has been holding you back from reaching your potential (which is the KEY to everything)
  • Identify the CRUCIAL element that dictates your success (that most people miss)
  • Help more people because your fears and inaction are no longer an issue stopping your clients accessing your solution and solving their challenges.
  • ​Become known for your easy, non "salesy" approach which increases personal recommendation and referrals (a natural by-product of respecting people and serving them, not selling them)
  • ​​Regain complete control over your own success.
  • ​Overcome the mental block of selling and free yourself from the scarcity mindset that’s been holding you back for too long (“Selling” isn't a concern when you approach it in the right way)

It contains some of the SAME Strategies I license to well-known institutions:

It contains some of the SAME Strategies I license to well-known institutions:

The SAME Strategies used by HUNDREDS of my clients and students:

The SAME Strategies used by HUNDREDS of my clients and students:

Click the image or this link to view my LinkedIn profile to see for yourself :-)

Take it from me. 
Selling is NOTHING 
to be nervous about.

Take it from me. 
Selling is NOTHING 
to be nervous about.

James Newell
I teach people how to sell.

My name is James Newell and I teach people how to sell.

If you’re a salesperson, entrepreneur or business owner of any kind who wants to earn more money, help more people or become a recognised leader in your field, this might be the most important thing you ever read.

But first...

What I'm about to share with you is, what I believe to be, the most effective strategy for quick and profitable growth in your business.
However, it is NOT easy and you are NOT going to be rich within days of deploying this strategy.

So if you're looking for the next "get rich quick" plan or strategy, this is NOT for you.

This is a proven approach that, when implemented correctly, will generate a paradigm shift in how you approach selling, which affects your confidence and thus your results.

What you're about to learn is the system we use, teach to our clients and students as well as license to educational institutions such as University College London’s “Hatchery” programme and The Mayor of London's Office (London and Partners)

Consultancy clients pay me £000’s to work with them 1:1 to learn and implement these strategies, this is the first time I have combined them together in one place...

So if that sounds good...let's jump in.

Exactly What You're Getting
I’ve put together a 70-page book that you can read in an afternoon.
This isn’t your typical marketing book with a bunch of theories and hypotheticals. It takes you step-by-step through our approach to selling naturally and with confidence. No techniques or trickery.
When you can approach selling without fear, feeling comfortable and abundant - the impact that it has on your business and finances is immediate and massive.

Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Get...
  • How to identify the huge mistake nearly every person makes when it comes to selling and what I’ve helped over 100+ clients to do which fundamentally changes every conversation. (page 38)
  • ​​​Proof that the system I lay out for you will work for you too, no matter what industry you're in or how intimidated by selling you may feel. (page 61)
  • ​How to beat your competitors so you can differentiate yourself in the buyer’s mind in a crowded marketplace. (page 19)
  • ​The truth about your "customer avatar" and the one CRUCIAL thing that’s often missed. (page 54)
  • ​Why you DON’T need to behave “like a salesperson” to help your clients get life changing results. (page 35)
  • ​The critical things your clients are ACTUALLY looking for (handy links included) (page 45)
  • ​Why "leading with value" is THE game changer and how you're going to use it for BETTER results. (page 33)
  • ​How to change your focus for optimal sales (Your natural behaviour actually works against you...) (page 27)
  • ​The true definition of “selling”, why it's the single most impactful skill you can learn, and what it will do for your business. (page 56)
  • The CORRECT approach to follow up and where you’re likely leaving money on the table. (page 31)
  • The negative impact that “selling mode” can have on your confidence and performance. (page 37)
  • ​Why the "old school" approach of selling is a fast track to failure. (page 19)
  • ​Why everything you know about selling is wrong and the ridiculously simple mindset shift you can use immediately. (page 17)
  • ​Case studies that will prove how my approach works in virtually any industry or niche. (page 65)
  • ​The secret behind effective messaging that’ll maximise your engagement and reach. (page 42)
  • ​How to use natural human behaviour and preference to ensure your communication hits the mark every time. (page 46)
  • A simple way to explain “what you do” so you’re never lost for words again (yes, you can swipe it) (page 44)
And much, MUCH more...
Here’s the Big Secret That’s In My Book:
You should be enjoying selling, not fearing it. You should be excited at each and every opportunity to not only help your clients, but to make profit and grow your business.

99% of sales “experts” are still pushing this idea of closing people at all costs and using pressure and tactics to somehow “convince” people to buy from you.

The reality is that you can’t fight human nature and how we communicate. It's nearly impossible to make this overly aggressive approach work for your business - especially if you already lack confidence when selling.
It’s RISKY to spend your efforts trying to push people into deals, not knowing if you might actually push them away.

You'll likely end up wasting your time on conversations and people that either don’t buy or buy but may then regret and feel pushed.

Buyers Like To Buy... Not be SOLD TO
Instead of selling to people, you simply need to allow them to buy.  Having confidence in your ability and your offering, whilst ensuring your buyer feels (and is) in control of their buying decision is the ONLY way to do this. 

Changing your approach to selling will cause these three things to happen:

First, every person you speak with will be grateful that you aren’t pushing or “selling” to them - which makes them relax and opens up the communication. This allows you to create a genuine connection and increases the likelihood of them buying from you.
Second, you will have overcome the main issue that holds everyone back- the fear of selling.

For someone to “sell”, they feel they have to behave in a certain way which might be incongruous to their natural behaviours and results in uncomfortable conversations all round.

Third, the revenue and incremental confidence generated from successful sales begins a perpetual cycle.

Once you change your approach and develop Selling Confidence, your ability, results and confidence compound naturally over time.

BECAUSE... you’ve acquired the fundamental skills necessary to drive your business forwards for YEARS to come. 

Naturally, the next thing that will happen is...

You'll make more sales :-)
If you were able to close 10% more of the people your deal with (or more) how many more sales conversations would you want to have?
As many as you can get, right!!

So whether you’re just starting out, or are experienced and looking to FINALLY solve the issue of selling - once you get this right, you get this right!

Therefore, when you can confidently speak with and close clients with no hesitation or fear, you will never again have to worry about money or getting clients.

You can gradually turn up the dials on your efforts, and go from generating 10-20% more conversations to 50%-100% or more - you’re only limited by your own efforts (not your hesitance and fear).

(We have some clients who have added 10/20/30% to their annual turnover - or more)

And sometimes the changes we suggest can have near instantaneous results:

Yes, This Can Work For You Too!
People across the world feel the same way you do and have found value in my book :-)
Whether you’re a salesperson, entrepreneur or business owner, whether you’ve sold before or not... 
This approach will work for you as it’s based on principles, communication and human behaviour. It’s not a fad, special technique or piece of software… it’s all about communication and how we want to be treated.
Let’s consider….think about the sales you made last year and the conversations and communications necessary to achieve that result.

Let's be conservative and say you were able to close just 5% more sales conversations with your new approach and improved confidence.

5% is 1 in 20. That means 1 in 20 conversations will now result in a sale where it wouldn’t have previously.

Consider 5% of your revenue for last year - get that number in your mind.

THAT is the potential we are tapping into here.

That 5% is just year one, get this right and you will incrementally close more business forevermore as you will have acquired the skills and knowledge to repeat your success.

Now consider a 10% increase (an additional 1 in 10 conversations now convert) - what could that be worth to you? 
What is that number? I bet it's more than $5.90 ;-)

Now we need to be clear that nothing is promised or guaranteed - we’re simply illustrating the potential financial impact of you acquiring the confidence to sell more effectively. 

Get it right and it can change EVERYTHING.
Depending on your offering, those additional sales could have a much greater lifetime value. 

They could lead to increased levels of referred business, more reviews and testimonials and all the other good stuff that comes as a result of acquiring Selling Confidence.

Either way, get this right and your business, life and finances will be transforming before your very eyes.

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Right Now
For just $5.90, you can purchase my 70-page book, Scared to Sell, and get everything you need to fundamentally change your approach to selling FOREVER.
“What If This Book Is A Complete Waste?”
If you’re skeptical of ANY advertising claims at this point…

I understand.

And I’m not asking you to let your guard down.

That would be unfair given how many half-truths there are on the internet to wade through.

Instead, here’s my offer:

Buy my book for $5.90.

If you dislike it for ANY reason…

Just let me know and I’ll refund you the $5.90.

You don’t even have to send anything back. Just ask for a refund, and it’s yours.

The Book Is $5.90… But How Much 
Does It Cost NOT To Purchase It?
The Book Is $5.90… But How Much Does It Cost NOT To Purchase It?
Thousands, conservatively.

You can easily blow through hundreds of potential sales (worth thousands) before you know what you’re doing.

But perhaps even worse, you might never acquire the confidence and approach you need.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

And after years of sitting stagnant and never cracking the code to selling more and with confidence...
You’ll give up - either by choice or by force - and that’s the most costly outcome of all.

Time Is Of The Essence
This $5.90 price is a test, and since I’m running a business, too... you better believe I’ll be raising the price...SOON.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.


You can do something different right now by investing a few bucks in the same system that has taken people just like you from closing a few sales a a few sales a day.

The choice is yours. 

Click the button below to get your copy of Scared to Sell

Another Objection Handling Headline!
A common practice in copywriting is to use subheadings like the one above to call out the reader’s biggest concerns.

I’ve done it several times on this page…

And, frankly, it’s very effective.

But the bigger question you should be asking yourself is, “Why are you trying so hard to find a reason NOT to invest $5.90 in something that could, literally, transform your business?”

Every successful business builder took a risk at one point or another…

Many of them had failures (me included) before having their big breakthrough.

And most of them would agree that one of the biggest reasons so many people fail to ever break through is MISSED OPPORTUNITIES.

Right now you have an opportunity to take a tiny risk (invest $5.90)...

And make a micro commitment to yourself (to actually do the work)...

So you can finally see what’s possible for you, your life and your business.

And remember…

I’m guaranteeing this will work for you, too...literally.
Thanks for reading this very long letter!

Your new friend,

James Newell

P.S. Here’s a summary for my Cliffs notes lovers:

Most people fear, hate or avoid selling. They shudder when they have to “pitch”, ask for the business or handle objections.

However,  selling is not only essential to your success - it’s essential to your survival.

The "secret" to selling is grounded in communication and human behaviour. It’s not about “convincing” anyone of anything - it’s all about providing the information and opportunity to buy and do so with confidence.

If you overcome your fear and hesitation around selling, your business and your life change. FOREVER.

I’ve helped hundreds of people and businesses with my methods, I also work with the Mayor of London’s office and University College London who license my content.

In short. My approach works.

I’m offering you a book that walks you through how to change the way you sell and acquire the selling confidence you need.

It’s called Scared to Sell.

It'll show you how to fundamentally change your approach to selling so you can be more natural and confident - which will result in a higher quality of interaction and better results.

It costs $5.90, but if you dislike it for any reason, just let me know. I’ll refund the money and you can keep the book.

This offer won’t last forever, so act fast!

I know what you're thinking...

Am I actually any good?
Does my approach actually work? 

I'll let you decide for yourself.
Here are some things that should help:

...and the relevant links so you can do your own research :-)

Firstly, I license my methodology to University College London (UCL) and The Mayor of London's Office (London & Partners

Here are some of my 300+ client testimonials 

Finally, I have 12 years of real world sales experience; 
my work and methodology was decoded from my real world success:

That's it. 
That's everything you need to know.

If you fear, hate or avoid selling, 
then Scared to Sell was created for YOU.

It's time to FINALLY overcome EVERYTHING 
that's been holding you back.

Copyright 2020  (C) James Newell

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. The sales figures stated on this landing page and discussed in the book are our personal sales figures and in some cases the sales figures of previous or existing clients. Please understand these results are not typical. We’re not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.